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Drones For Beginners

Too scared to take the drone out of the box? Don't know where you can legally fly? Or maybe you want to start with the basics.

In this workshop you will be taught the basics of drones and we will guide you through the whole process from setup to flying your drone for recreation. 

This 4 hour workshop will be a combination of theory and hands on practical. Our beginner Drone workshop focuses on set up of drones for safe and legal flight, laws around drones in Australia, registering your drone, getting accredited to fly, safe practices and basic operation to get you comfortably using your drone for recreation.

1 to 5 in a session:


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Intermediate Drones

Know how to fly but really want to get the most of your drone? This is the course for you.If you have a few hours under your belt already but want to really learn the best practices and gain confidence then this is for you!


This workshop is designed to assist you in becoming a better pilot and a good stepping stone to getting your foot in working in the drone industry or getting your CASA Remote Pilots Licence (RePL).

This workshop covers everything you need to know about the drone, including avoiding crashes, pre-flight checks, how to use the ‘Intelligent Flight Modes’, flight planning, getting out of undesired states, how to legally operate in the Excluded category (Sub-2Kg), and time is set aside for individual questions and topics you want to learn about. 

This is a more hands-on practical session, a small section of theory depending on where everyone is at with their knowledge then into demonstrating flying exercises, location scouting, setting up to operate in the excluded category & getting out of emergency scenarios such as signal loss, bird strikes etc.

1 to 5 in a session


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