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Remote Pilots Licence (RePL)

A remote pilot licence (RePL) allows me to fly remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) in circumstances that need specialist training.

You need to hold a RePL if you want to fly:

  • a drone for commercial operations - any time you earn money for flying

  • outside the drone safety rules (standard operating conditions)

  • Fly in national parks and Controlled airspace

  • fly near Marine animals


Drone safety rules (standard operating conditions) can be found by clicking here.


Aeronautical Radio Operators Certififcate 


An Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) allows me to transmit and receive on an aeronautical radio that is used for the purpose of the safety of air navigation.


By law, I am required to monitor the CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) of an uncontrolled airport and transmit my intentions on that Frequency if I am operating within 5.5 Km of an aerodrome or HLS (Helicopter Landing Site). If I am operating within Controlled Airspace I am required to monitor the Frequency that Air Services Australia instructs me to.

Personally I monitor the Area frequency of everywhere I operate, that way I am aware of any aircraft that may be operating and if they enter within my line of sight I can land safely.

AROC - LENEHAN - ARN 1023834.jpg

Commercial Aircraft Registration

If you fly a drone, or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), for business or use one as part of your job, you must register it.

This applies to all drones that you fly to provide any type of service – no matter how much it weighs. This may include activities such as:

  • selling photos or videos taken from a drone

  • inspecting industrial equipment, construction sites or infrastructure

  • monitoring, surveillance or security services

  • research and development

  • any drone activities on behalf of your employer or business.

You must be 16 or older to register a drone.

You also need to get an RPA operator accreditation if you fly your drone for business or use one as part of your job. You do not need an RPA operator accreditation if you have a remote pilot licence (RePL) or only fly for sport or recreation.

Sean Lenehan Photography Organisation Ai

Sub 2 Kg Operation Authorisation

If you earn money by flying your drone, you're usually required to hold a remote pilot licence (RePL) or remotely piloted aircraft operator's certificate (ReOC).

However, if the drone you're flying weighs less than 2 kg, you can fly under the 'Sub 2 kg' excluded category.

Examples of businesses that may fly under this category include:

  • photographers and filmmakers

  • real estate agents

  • construction workers and tradespeople.

This document details the areas of Australia I am certified to operate for commercial purposes. It also details what type of aircraft I am permitted to fly, in my case its Multirotor aircraft.

 RPAS Notification Sub 2Kg SLP.jpg
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