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About Me


Growing up on my family's dairy farm, close by the beautiful sights of the Great Ocean Road. With a father who has a passion for fishing and a mother with a love for hiking and nature. At a young age, I was exposed to the magnificent sunsets and scenery of the Shipwreck Coast and discovered my love for photography. In my drive to preserve the beauty around me, I've studied many different facets of photography including macro, astrophotography, long exposure, landscape and drone photography.


I am a Registered drone pilot through CASA and specialises in drone/Aerial photography and landscapes as well as farm photography and aerial mapping.


I find taking photos an escape. I drive around, sometimes with my family or friends, sometimes in solitude, and take photos. I am known for hopping into my car and disappearing for hours searching and exploring for hidden gems of the great south-west or wherever the road leads.


I do alot of driving, mostly by myself, but I find that if I'm alone I am the only one that I have to worry about and I am the only one that can slow myself down. There are some days when I just look out the window, grab my camera and out I go. I might be gone for an hour or the whole day, but it's my escape and it is what I love doing and have a passion for.

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